CISO Southeast US Summit | March 11, 2021 | Virtual Summit - Real-time Online Conversations



The Elephant in the Room: Why Many Security Programs Fail

Executive Boardroom - 1:00 pm - 1:20 pm

Anecdotally, we've seen that most organizations will either fail to prevent, detect, or evict a sophisticated, persistent attacker. This is often despite those organizations having smart teams and significant resourcing. In conversations with more than 50 clients, I've developed the theory that this happens because many security organizations spend a lot of time and money on things that don't efficiently reduce risks. This discussion will:  

  • Identify common factors that can lead security programs to focus on activities without beneficial outcomes 
  • Highlight characteristics we've seen in security programs that can prevent or contain an incident 
  • Suggest specific actions that can lead an organization to better identify their risks and then maintain their focus on reducing them

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